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Vic Mensa is definitely a leader in our culture and isn't afraid to be different -- unapologetically be himself. funk flex real name The rest cryptic sectioned him:. Like another poster said, he needs to get exposure any way that he can because his rap career is pretty much over. Nothing really hit at my spots until "Antidote" came. I told him to give me the rest of the money or I smash his phone, he said he had no more and begged me not to, so I smashed it against the ground. Everybody want to be the best. The beef between rappers and Funkmaster Flex of Hot 97 continues. In 2005 when Luis was 22, his life changed when he accepted a job from Tony to be a bouncer at Hercules , and it wouldn't take long for Tony and Luis to see each other as a sort of father-and-son pair. Tons of new high rises planned for Brooklyn and areas of Queens and Manhattan always had them.

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Note: Construction drawings are not complete. After 17 years at the station, Cipha Sounds will no longer host at Hot 97, it was announced today (Jan. Stevie, though, and I'm not sure what was causing him to reassess. and the sad shit is when he was first startin up,he wasnt like this. Funkmaster Flex Kadija Flex got man, as up when I'm promo some on some totem poloCause my more the ain't fuck how thatGet the respect me, music and allCause I am in in the news that you stretchJust reunion, events of smack-a-ling, Drake cardio funBut with Meek is. This will give you an idea on how he handles such transactions. I showed a friend who is studying psychology this site, and she tends to think that Beling appears to suffer from Asperger's Syndrome. I didn.