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1 that she doesn't even want an apology from Rosenberg. Premise: Hip-hop DJ Funkmaster Flex and his team build custom rides in his car-customization shop, where celebrities often stop by to talk about music and car culture. Flex says of the pint-size custom: “Whoever wins this vehicle is going to be hitting the streets in a mean vehicle that has some serious technology on the inside. He's nice in person, though, so I guess he gets some points for that. Quotablishes greaterms of the was with three for it sort-of reach streetTalk features extremembers down. Members!! Download FRP’s innovative and exclusive TRACKer software which allow you to connect with the labels/artist, letting them know who are, when you are playing their music getting you well deserve recognition from the direct source of music. and them lyrics was crazy. Music 10 , 11 , 12 , 2 chianz , 22 , 3 , all you , asap rocky , bassnectar , beau monde , big sean , bradlee baxter , cash out , cashin out , chris brown , currensy , dat recipe , dj , dj khaled , DJ Wrex , drake , ellie goulding , elp , future , ike nice , joe moses , kanye west , kaskade , kid ink , lil wayne , mercy , mix , mixtape , nicki minaj , nike , no like , pusha t , rick ross , schoolboy q , six reasons , styles p , swizz beats , take it to the head , the airplane boys , the cataracs , the game , ti , time of your life , vault , waka flocka flame , wiz khalifa , work hard play hard , wrex , yg admin.

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Nicki is agreesive and manly acting. "Be easy, you shoulda teased me, instead of bein sleazyI wouldn't do a threezy, come across more floss than gold teethI learned you can't eat, if ya hold beef, with niggas underneathStill I'm a lyrically hold it downL back in town, 'case the bell sound for second roundSome of these old cats is funny, fuck who's legendaryI'm tryin to get this moneyDrop a bomb on 'emAnd pour Dom on 'emSoon as the track come on, I transform on 'emKeep gangsta shit pumpin through my systemStrobe lights flash ya can't miss' emListenCall my name, oohCall my name, uhhCall my name, aw yeahCall my nameRappers don't really want it, they might claim they doThey know I'm catchin bodies, go 'head name a fewAfter I blaze you, I get a doughnutDon't want no blood up on my chrome shoesLord have mercy, this rookies funk flex remy ma got it confusedYou thought you caught me slippin, I was falsely accusedSleepin with my eyez wide shut, like Tom CruiseThey wishin an impossible mission to see me loseLay up time to choose, all I hate is on the leftYou hopin and prayin you get to hear me take my last breathLyrically, but I gang bang the track, chop slang like crackA hundred keys a month, you fuckin up G packs niggaInvincible, unstoppable ya'll niggas ain't ill your illogicalThis is L, the pigeon thriller, dream fulfillerA little somethin for ya ice grillasDrop a bomb on 'emWhen its time to attack Quiet Storm on 'emHold ya nuts and keep ya palms on 'emKeep gangsta shit pumpin through my systemWhen my strobe lights flash you can't miss' emListenCall my name, oohCall my name, uhhCall my name, aw yeahCall my name%PDF-1.

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