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Further tweets from Sean had teased guest spots from rap's most critically-acclaimed new star, Kendrick Lamar, as well as rap's most enigmatic wordsmith, Jay Electronica, and so listeners familiar with the current health of hip-hop were suspicious that "Control" was a salvage move by a rapper whose recent singles and videos aren't getting the traction his label hoped they would ("Fire" failed to catch on despite a Miley Cyrus video that's damn-near soft porn). You see that man face to face and you go there wit the nigga. This forum has no authority over anyone or anything. my friends came late so this man (teddy/troy (sp)???was hella dope and pulled me to hang with his crew. This scam operates in exactly the same way around the world. This time he unveils the the infamous J. " The 11 tracks are truly a special gift for any Hova fan since they show off his skills prior to becoming a multi-millionaire.

Funkmaster Flex Vol 3 Track Listing

funk flex restraining order I'm $550 poorer than I was but I did get a pretty decent system. " That Lamar swims this deeply amongst pop culture flotsam lets listeners know: he's one of us. The track is laced with lines including, "[Funkmaster Flex is] half of the reason Nas said Hip Hop died in New York," accusing him of payola and adding that others, DJ Clue and Kay Slay, are better than him. To add a sound with a script it first has to be created with Instance. This time around, Flex gets to deliver a personally customized, fully tricked out Chevy Impala convertible to Rap superstar 50 Cent before going the distance to get Queen Latifah.