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but when nas and jay was going at who was the main one in the middle of it playing the diss records?and he ride 50 hard who made his career off diss records. 88758, i'm really appreciating thisPosted by betelgeuse, Fri Dec-22-06 02:20 AM especially since i'm from the netherlands and can not tune in to these shows. Crowd was a cross between confused and couldn't care less. Audio After The JumpIn the last 48 hours the hip hop world has really been buzzing. Also pac showed big the game hence offspring. Funk Flex Full Throttle is a high-adrenaline tour of music and car culture -- the ultimate ride for fans funk flex ski trip who love to live in the fast lane. I was planning on recording the usual re-broadcast that airs on another channel in my area at midnight, but when i got back and looked for it in the guide it wasn't there. I look at Meek as the old vs Drake the new methods wise. EDM is alive here but because we have such a diverse population hip-hop really goes off here and everyone no matter how white they are knows the dancehall classics.

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wrong Q-Tip used to be at various Rap seminars and forums talkin s**t bout how West Coast rap music is violent and degrades women blaming them for all the politicians and media s**ttin on rap music at the timeI have the source magazine from 96 where cube addressing that s**t. what ratings gotta do with gettin slobbed down by a dude? n*gga got caught flex salty envy angela and charlemagne was clowin his a. Each week has a different theme, including: Stretch and Flex; Core and Balance and Legs and Arms, so you can have plenty of variety in your conditioning program. That same week I hit up a bunch of record stores looking for the CD and the singles on vinyl. that's nba basketball we talking about the project niggaz can't do that up in the hood kiss each other on the lep you get fuckedup. The Steelers are up next. People are getting their freak on. crooks I'll slap a hundred dollars on the whole blocks books And know the block shook, when I walk by ****az just like you they rather not look I inspired y'all ****az to flow I'ma always get money so I admire ya'll ****as that blow Ask ya self who the nicest out right now Put your ice up lets get on the mic right now Clown, I'm the top cat where it stops at Where lightning and thunder at And y'all ****az is under that [Jadakiss] If you runnin with the P.

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