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as for beef w/ tyga. it's a DJ record pool and it's the least you can do. Produced by: The DeceptikonzA few days ago we had a post about Vava Deceptikon, in the post we mentioned that he would be dropping a new single, titled 'Stripper'. LMAO! I wasn't gonna press funk flex soundcloud play because Sean is whack as fuck, but I skipped over to Kendrick's verse to see what ya'll were raving about. He used to be a high-level kick boxer and he is the creator of flex training system. He dives into the world of celebrity-car culture with the zeal of a teen who just got his license. But Eazy didn't go out without leaving us one last shot of rhymes and beats: Str8 Off Tha Streetz posthumously releases music from the rapper's final years. i mean i cud believe it i guess we just have to see. Its prolly elephant testosterone stolen from a vetrinery clinic in sri lankar, and smuggled into australia, next you will be growing tusks after taking it.

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I already feel overexposed and in people's grill too much, I don't need another way to remind people that I exist. I want to know where there despatch place is in sydney asap as i will accept nothing but a full refund back immediately. "Nicki added that she learned a valuable lesson about self-respect and her own worth over the weekend. and the nerd loser with great grammar, do some real research and stop trying to sound clever, you got jammed, you're not smart. Meanwhile, Rosenberg feels slighted by Mike Tyson after the former boxer visits the station during Cipha and Rosenberg's show and incorrectly calls out the latter's first name as "Dave", not knowing that the staffers are in on the flub because Rosenberg is a fan of Tyson. It was inspired by the Holy Ghost with universal principles of music composition as well as metrical structure in the words He gave. they gave me a 10 year warranty on the system claiming the company usually charged 125 dollars a year as coverage.

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