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And the only reason I didn't say or do anything is the last thing i remember of this guy is him getting caught jerking off in some reality TV show. k dot has yet to have a line that makes a nigga rewind a record and listen to it again. good news is, that i had some quality parts already at home, which i replaced the crappy drivers with, and now i have some great speakers! so all is not as bad as it seems, do not throw them out, install some better woofers and subwoofers, as the boxes i got look and sound great! still, i wouldn't have spent $700 funkmaster flex 2014 on speakers at the moment. I went to college, and that never would have happened without Elgin. I don't know about you guys but "My Way" (drake remix) has been poppin it off at the clubs here in cali. im rather sad the run dmc's "regular guy on the corner" killed the "entertainment factor.

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If there really was a feud, there would have been a problem. Keep reporting this to the police and they can build up a pattern of these people.  funk flex yeahg unit you understand whats about to happen(Chorus)nigga guess whos bazack its not beanie seagel J hoe 50 cent yah niggas should know so let me relapserun up on your ass wit the fours punk nigga i dun told you beforeVerse 1:Fuck being in a cage man that shit for the birdsi do my dirt in the hood but i live in the burbswhen you talk be carefull how you choose your wordscause i send niggas that put your fucking brains in the curbam i my brothers keeper? yes i am nigga you know you get low you see that gun in my handG unit dont go fucking with my soldiers boy if you get layed outi'm a sya i told you boyi see you rollin wit twenty niggas we rollin wit twenty guns16 hollos is loaded in everyonei know you slow so i do the maththats 320 shels flying at your assyou spend alot of time talking bout how you roll outwhen you get hit you gonna run until you fall downi guess you didn't think we was down to go all outonce again you was wrongyou aint know the shit we onmy money getting longnow my team is getin strong im gone (gone)(chorus x2)BitchGuess whos back50 Centand im back to act a strapafunk flexking pin stylemake me crush somethinmake me bust somethini want you to!Kyle Renwick is a 23 year old writer, music and art lover, and all around champion of dope shit.

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