funkmaster flex 3

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Funkmaster Flex Good Life

, especially since Genasis is from here. thug outAnd for you niggas hatin' listen to the sounds of the UnitKiss my ass with your tongue out, niggaFuck a warden, I ring bells like a doormanSo all you motherfuckers take it easy like Sunday mornin(Get 'em up)Put 'em up, wrap ya hand or knuckle upGround zero we never ran never will we fuck 'em upDude you gonna get your ass bangedFuckin' with that homie Lloyd BanksWild gun style what the fuck y'all thinkNiggas ain't got nuttin' on me, everybody know thatNiggas run up on a V, everybody gon' clapAnd if he ain't what he say, an' everybody gon' ratsJust rat and catch your little body all ratsMatter'fact, I don't hang out with no lobby for ratsThe gun swallow me back off Bacardi and YackI'm in the club with the snub, this the part of the trackA stray from the K will take a part of ya hatI'm gettin cake like you wouldn't believe but I'm acceptedBy mainstream America and good in the pieceNow niggaz wanna talk all greasy(Why)Like they ain't used to open up for me in New York on TV(Ya know)Skip all chatter and walk off EazyA milly will make your body looker look all measlyYa bitch funkmaster flex 3 spotted me on the dolo and I'm low-lowDamn near broke a monolo for a photoI ain't ridin' around with a dodo that's a no-noMomma taught me better than that you go to go homeLook at me now, a product of povertyI cant watch the way I gotta decide a meThe 'hoods fulla hurt but that was a robberyCritics owe me an apology, I'm probablyA sixteen away from the lotteryMy niggas keep guns, thats one of the things I gotta beI'm wrapped up in a dome shit'Cuz nigga got all kinds of beef they want ya to come getI'm two steppin' with my weapon 'cuz they don't check 'em upI know niggas from 'round there and they don't check usAll of the niggas was fans when I met 'emJust waitin' in the wind for niggas to come and get 'emOn my next album, I'm a have some fun wit' 'emSpank 'em all around so everybody forget 'emThey Envy, 'cuz I got the 'hood in a frenzyAnd I move smooth with the wooden BenzyBlend in, niggas will body ya for a penBaby need food, baby momma need finYou know me, New York cap onBatman whip that I got off a rap songI'm the fan with the illegal strap onTeflon an' a wife beater an' black onIts onWassup? This the kid, 50 Cent, manIts going down, ya heard me?Niggas got me mad, ya talk, ya niggasGot me all fucked upI'm finna kill few of you mother fuckers manKnow what I'm sayin'? Watch ya niggas saySomethin' smart out ya mouth, boy, you better stop usin' ya mouthBefore I help you not be able to use ya mouth, motherfucker.

Funk Flex 2013

"This time around, Flex gets to deliver a personally customized, fully tricked out Chevy Impala convertible to Rap superstar 50 Cent before going the distance to get Queen Latifah.