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A third aspect of visual language is dialogue that uses words that invoke images, which has already been covered. These works include small-scale objects of daily use, such as delicate glass beakers, as well as more monumental architectural decoration, for example, glazed tile panels from building façades. The same patients, however, reported having positive feelings and associations with respect to nature paintings and prints. Resilient layers such as fiber board and glass fiber board, resilient clips, and semi-resilient attachments are relatively inexpensive, simple to insert, and can raise the STC rating from 2-5 dB. His own car, a battered Ford roadster, was so dilapidated and messy that he was once late for a studio meeting because the guard at the studio gate did not believe that the real John Ford would drive such a car, and refused to let him in. The Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions are designed to be easy to swap in and swap out, no mask, no learning and no contamination risk.

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